To compliment our pipes, fittings and contracting services, we offer a complete range of accessories to suit all of the applications. Our range of products include, but is not limited to, Pipe Tapping Products, Pipe Repair Products, Pipe Protection Products and Pipe Jointing Products for all of the pipes and fittings that we supply.

For Pipe Tapping, we offer a complete range of Underpressure Tapping Machines together with all of the associated Tapping Saddles and Tapping Tees to suit all applications from ½” / 15mm up to and including 12” / 300mm, so whether it be for a standard house connection or a new distribution main, we can offer the correct machine to carry out the connection, with the pipeline still under pressure and vastly reducing costs.

Pipe Tapping Products
We also offer a complete Repair and Refurbishment Service for all Underpressure Tapping Machines for most manufacturers, so even if you already have a machine that is damaged, missing parts, or are just ensure if it still works, our experts will maintain, repair, calibrate or service the machine as necessary, at a competitive price to ensure that you always the right machine to safely carry out your work at all times.

Within our range of Pipe Repair Products, the range is virtually endless. Over the years, we have developed a complete range of products to suit simple pipe barrel repair to socket repairs with everything in between. A sample of our products is listed below and by clicking on the product name, you will be directed to our download page to get the product brochure.

Leadless Split Collar | Supa Collar Universal Repair Collars | Universal End Cap
Universal Underpressure Tapping Tees | Stainless Steel Repair Clamps

Our complete range of Pipe Protection Products, offers products for Identification, Detection and Protection of Buried Mains and Cables. Our range of Marker Plates and Posts in Non Ageing Plastics and Ductile Iron offer complete identification of Pipelines, Meters, Valves and Hydrants. A full range of Underground Marker Tapes and Meshes is also available in various Widths and Colours with various printed Warnings so that personnel are safe when excavating and pipelines and cables are easily identified in the process without damage.

We also Offer a complete range of pipe and cable protection systems, such as tape wrappings and Polyethylene sleeves, available either factory applied or for site application ensuring that all pipes can have long life expectancy and a greater return on investment for all of our clients. We can advise you if additional external coatings are required on pipes and fittings and advise the best and most cost effective solution to suit your particular application.

Our Pipe Jointing Products offer everything including Nuts and Bolts, Gaskets, Couplings Flange Adaptors to suit almost applications and forall sizes up to and including 3000mm Diameter pipes and fittings.

Pipe Adapters

Within our range, we also offer specialist products for Higher Temperatures and Pressures as well as Engineered Solutions for non standard pipes including Fibre Cement, Pre Stressed Concrete and even solutions for leaking gaskets in old leaded joints where the pipe never has to be removed and can in most cases be put back into service at minimal cost.

Please contact us for further details or with your requirements and we will be pleased to assist.

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